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Guest Post: Introducing Bite This Book: The Book You Read Your Dog

August 23, 2013

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untitledLOS ANGELES, CA, July 22, 2013 — Bite This Book ( is the first book written especially for dogs by dog lover and film producer Lony Ruhmann. Published by Mirror Publishing, Bite This Book is a compilation of 24 different vignettes that explore how dogs experience life in 36 pages with whimsical illustrations by Pritali Joharapurkar. The book is available online at and Barnes & Noble, for $10.99.

“The idea of writing a book for dogs came to me one night when I was reading to my pups and thinking, wouldn’t it be better to read something that is written specifically for them,” explains Ruhmann. “Part of my goal in writing this book was to make a statement about how special dogs are. Dogs are Angels on Earth.”

It all began with Ruhmann’s dog Juve (pronounced Hoo’ vee). Shortly after rescuing Juve, the puppy came down with distemper and was ill for six months. During that time, Ruhmann made it a point to communicate (listen and talk) with his sick puppy hoping the time they spent together would aid in the healing process. It did and two years later, these communications with his pup lead Ruhmann to write this book.

The idea of writing a book for dogs started after Juve completely recovered. Ruhmann read Juve little spiritually focused booklets called Soul Flight that examine how to live life. He noticed the words relaxed his mutt and seemed to actually boost his rescue dog’s self-esteem.

Ruhmann discovered that Juve not only responded to the words he read, but also to the feeling behind the words. He learned that the things that make dogs happy listeners are the things that let them know they are loved.

When the idea of writing a book for dogs came to him, Ruhmann sat down with Juve by his side for inspiration.  Bite this Book became a book about Juve’s thoughts and feelings. Ruhmann kept the words and concepts simple. Writing for humans is often mentally based, however, Ruhmann found that the best way to write for dogs is to focus the words on their spirit and hearts.  He found that dogs react to the intention of the words.

Here in the United States, there are literally hundreds of reading programs where children read to dogs like Reading Fur Fun and Barks and Books. The intention of these programs is to improve the literacy skills of children.

There was a study done in Salt Lake City to examine the benefits of dog assisted reading programs. At the end of the 13-month study, each child’s reading score increased by at least two levels. Children can get so much from reading to a dog: an appreciation of reading, an encouragement to read out loud, a listener who does not judge, a connection with an animal, a new way of seeing, physical affection and unconditional love.

Ruhmann has found the same benefits exist for adults who read to their dogs. And for dogs, well any time they spend with their human is precious. Like Ruhmann says, when you trust that dogs will understand the story, they feel the trust.  It opens the door for better communication. That’s what Bite This Book is all about…communicating with love through the language barrier.



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