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KONG Glide ‘n Seek Keeps Cats Energized and Engaged

March 27, 2014

Looking for a cat toy that will keep your cat energized and engaged? Check out KONG‘s new Glide ‘n Seek. It’s a great toy for playful cats and just won “Best In Show for Cats” at the Global Pet Expo trade show. Learn more below.

Award Winning Entertainment
New KONG Glide ‘n Seek Keeps Cats Energized and Engaged

GOLDEN, Colo. – Sometimes it takes awhile for even the most innovative new products to be noticed, but KONG’s new Glide ‘n Seek cat toy received instant recognition at this year’s Global Pet Expo (GPE). Unlike most cat toys, the Glide ‘n Seek is a puzzle toy designed to stimulate feline minds and bodies. It didn’t take long for this unique concept to win over fans, as the Glide ‘n Seek was honored with the “Best in Show for Cats” award at the pet industry’s largest trade show.

GlideNSeekWhat makes this product different is exceptional design. To create exciting and challenging movement, KONG used futuristic magnetic levitation technology in the Glide ‘n Seek toy. The toy’s interior feathers (prey) dance around unpredictably, stimulating the feline instinct to chase and capture. Since the feathers are housed inside the toy and move continuously, they hold a cat’s attention and can’t be removed. The game doesn’t end until pet parents turn the Glide ‘n Seek off.

The reach-inside design has another purpose, too. The feather attachments are made to stay within the play area, so they can’t get lost under couches, behind desks or other kitty hiding places. It provides the kind of long-lasting fun that the KONG Company prides itself on.

Despite the innovative work put in to ensure the Glide ‘n Seek’s success, the company has been pleasantly surprised by the buzz it received at its introductory show. Glide ‘n Seek was recognized on Dr. Marty Becker’s list of Favorite Finds from Global Pet Expo. “We need to not only feed cat’s bodies but their minds as well. This product is a wonderful enrichment tool to recreate the ‘hunt’ in the home,” said Dr. Becker, who clearly appreciated finding a toy as stimulating to the cat’s brain as their body.

This type of enrichment is important for cats, especially since a lack of entertainment can have destructive consequences in the home. A plethora of puzzle toys have been built for dogs, but this area is often overlooked for our feline counterparts. The Glide ‘n Seek actually plays with cats, offering the same type of unpredictable movement that their pet parent would provide with a wand toy. It’s perfect for keeping furry friends active and out of trouble by occupying their minds.GlideNSeek2

KONG founder Joe Markham is thrilled with the attention this new toy is getting around the pet industry – including recognition as the New Products Showcase Winner at Global Pet Expo for Best In Show – Cats. “We’re excited by the accolades the Glide ‘n Seek has already received, especially when that praise comes from trusted industry experts like Dr. Marty Becker, the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and the Pet Industry Distributors Association (PIDA),” said Markham.

The Glide ‘N Seek includes 2 AA batteries to bring its magnetic levitation technology to life; it’s ready to play as soon as pet parents get it home. The case measures H x W x D as 13.5″ x 20.8″ x 25.5”, offering ample play space for multiple-cat households without taking up much room.

Cat owners can fulfill the hunting instincts of their feline friends with KONG’s award winning new play space for cats – the acclaimed Glide ‘n Seek. For more information, contact or visit


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