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A Taste of the Sea

August 17, 2016

Crazy Dog Train Me! Treats Minis Now Available in New Salmon Flavor

AZUSA, CA – Cardinal Pet’s Crazy Dog Train Me! Mini Treats now offer dogs a taste of the sea! A favorite among training professionals, pet parents and dogs alike, Crazy Dog Train Me! Mini Treats are now available in a new Salmon flavor. Made with real savory salmon, the new treats offer the same great nutritional and training benefits as the rest of the Crazy Dog Mini Training Reward line.

Like all Crazy Dog Train Me! products, the new Salmon Flavor Train Me! Minis use real, high-quality meat – the taste dogs love best –as the #1 ingredient. Real salmon has been added to supply the tantalizing flavor and aroma. Made with healthy wholesome ingredients, Crazy Dog Train Me! Treats Salmon Flavor Minis do not contain any corn, soy, BHA or BHT. Each treat is highly digestible CD TM MI SA 89004– perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs and restrictive diets.

Like all Train Me! Treats, the new Salmon Flavor rewards are also designed to deliver the five essential functions that a canine training reward must perform: Attract, Focus, Motivate, Reward, and Speed Up the Learning Curve. Once dogs sniff the enticing aroma of a Salmon Flavor treat, it will Attract their attention immediately. With real meat as the # 1 ingredient, dogs will be Focused on the task at hand. The delicious taste both Motivates and Rewards them, Speeding Up the Learning Curve for both dog and trainer.

The key to reward-based training is repetition. With only 1.5 calories per treat, dogs can be continuously rewarded during training without getting full or consuming too many calories. Mini sized and low in calories, Train Me! Treats Salmon Flavor Minis are perfect for puppies or small dogs, but will still help larger dogs excel.

Convenient for trainers and pet parents, each bag of Crazy Dog Train Me! Salmon Minis contains 200 treats, allowing continuous training to take place without worries of running out. The package is re-sealable so it can be easily transported anywhere, and the treats themselves are small enough to fit in pockets, for training on the go, anytime, anywhere.

Cardinal Pet Care is a solar-powered company “Devoted to Pets, People and the Planet.” In addition to providing pets with the highest quality products, Cardinal is dedicated to the environmental directive of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Pre-cycle whenever possible. Demonstrating its commitment to the environment, Cardinal has solar-powered corporate offices, warehouses and manufacturing facilities in Azusa, CA.


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