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Cardinal Unveils New Fashionista Packaging Design For Viva La Dog Spa Grooming Products

August 17, 2016

AZUSA, Calif. – Cardinal Pet Care has introduced new, sophisticated packaging to its Parisian-inspired luxury Viva La Dog grooming product line.  Designed to appeal to fashionista consumers who pamper their pets, the new package portrays images of the well-dressed urbane dog walkers of Paris, London and New York with equally stylish pooches in tow.

The revamped design is featured on three  Viva La Dog Spa 16-oz. shampoos — Cucumber Melon, Oatmeal, and White Coat Dog Shampoos — as well as the company’s Pink Potion Dog Conditioner. The packaging on Viva La Dog Spa’s 8 oz. grooming spritzes (Cucumber Melon, Powder Puff, and Oatmeal Mango ) has also been updated with images of the same dogs shown on the shampoos.

Evoking glamor and sophistication, the new package — by showing dogs being walked– also subliminally delivers an important message to pet owners: that it’s essential to walk dogs regularly to keep them looking and feeling their best beyond bath time.   One of Cardinal’s main missions as a company is to support dog health, fitness and wellness.

Although the packaging on Viva La Dog Spa products has been updated, the luxurious formulas and divine fragrances on this spa-inspired line remain the same. The upscale shampoos, conditioners and spritzes have always been targeted toward the large market of fashion-oriented pet parents who indulge and dote on their dogs.

In another packaging change, each of the 16 oz. bottles of Viva La Dog Spa shampoos and conditioner now has a taller shape.  Retailers will appreciate the fact than when four of the new bottles are displayed together they take up one inch less space on the shelf.

Like all Cardinal products, Viva La Dog Spa products are made in Cardinal’s 100 percent SOLAR POWERED manufacturing plant.  Additionally, all Viva La Dog Spa products are completely biodegradable, and the bottles, caps and pumps are recyclable anywhere on the planet.

For more information, contact Cardinal Pet Care at 1-800-433-7387, or visit  More details are also available on the Viva La Dog Spa Facebook page.





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