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November 15, 2016

Pet Botanics Introduces Simply Salmon Strips And Cutlets Dog Treats Made With 99% Fresh-Caught Salmon

AZUSA, CA –Pet Botanics has introduced a groundbreaking new dog treat made almost entirely of human-grade salmon.  The company’s unique and delicious Simply Salmon Strips and Simply Salmon Cutlets contain just 2 ingredients in all:  99% fresh-caught salmon, and 1% sea salt used in the smoking drying process.

The high-quality delectable salmon used in Pet Botanics Simply Salmon treats is fresh caught in the coldest waters of Norway.  It is then frozen and shipped to the US, where it is perfectly dried, then smoked with hardwood by the traditional Scottish method to maintain taste, color and nutritional value.

Abounding with the savory flavor and aroma of fresh salmon, delicious-tasting Simply Salmon treats are “simply irresistible” to dogs.  Because they consist mainly of high-quality salmon, they’re very healthy and nutritious, too.  The treats contain no antibiotics, hormones or artificial flavors, and they’re loaded with the healthy Omega fatty acids that salmon is known for – to add shine and luster to dogs’ coats and skin.

With just 2 ingredients, Pet Botanics Simply Salmon Strips and Cutlets are In keeping with today’s trend toward Limited Ingredient Pet Product or LIPPs, noted Barbara Denzer, Vice President of Marketing for Cardinal Pet Care, which makes Pet Botanics products. “With fewer ingredients on the label, LIPPS make it easy to see at a glance exactly what your pet is getting,” said Denzer. “You can tell right away, for example, if the product contains something your dog is allergic to. Plus, with LIPPs you also eliminate all the unhealthy and artificial ingredients typically found on product labels – the ones with names you can’t pronounce!”

Part of Pet Botanics’ new Black Label line, the treats are available in 2 varieties: Simply Salmon Strips and Simply Salmon Cutlets. Made and packaged in the US, both Simply Salmon varieties offer a healthy alternative to traditional dog “jerky” treats, which typically contain grains, sugar, and artificial additives.

Cardinal Laboratories aka Cardinal Pet Care is a solar-powered company “Devoted to Pets, People & the Planet.” Cardinal’s corporate offices, warehouses and manufacturing facilities are located in Azusa, CA. USA

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