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Treat Your Pooch This Holiday Season With Bark-Tacular Gifts from Cardinal Pet Care

November 15, 2016

Make sure even the furriest of your family members gets the perfect gift. Cardinal Pet Care offers an array of unique products to make tails wag. Each of these products makes a great stocking stuffer or can be easily wrapped up for Fido to find and unwrap! We all want the best for our pets so give them a gift that they’ll love while giving yourself peace of mind. From delectable treats to pampering products which make pets look, feel – and smell – c’est magnifique we have your pup covered this holiday season.

Crazy Dog

Crazy Dog treats add fun and fitness to holiday training and activity.

Walkies Fit Bites
3walkies.jpg73% of dog parents walk their canine kids! Even in winter, this essential exercise helps dogs and owners maintain a healthy lifestyle. Crazy Dog’s Walkies Fit Bites are the first “active lifestyle” treat. Appropriately foot-shaped, they contain an exclusive blend of three ingredients designed to support walking and fitness: Taurine for heart health; Chicken Cartilage to support mobility by helping repair joint cartilage and tissue; and L-Carnitine, a proven fat burner, to help control weight.


Pet Botanics

Want to give Fido some healthy but yummy treats for the holidays? Pet Botanics has you covered with premium dog treats that are made with 99% of human-grade salmon!

Simply Salmon Strips and Cutlets

While you’re eating a delicious meal this holiday seaPet Botanics Simply Salmon Cutlets.JPGsoPet Botanics Simply Salmon Strips.JPGn give your pup a tasty treat! The delicious Simply Salmon Strips and Simply Salmon Cutlets contain just 2 ingredients in all:  99% fresh-caught salmon, and 1% sea salt used in the smoking drying process. Abounding with the savory flavor and aroma of fresh salmon, Simply Salmon treats are “simply irresistible” to dogs.  Because they consist mainly of high-quality salmon, they’re very healthy and nutritious, too!

Viva La Dog Spa

Looking for an extravagant way to spoil pets this holiday season? Viva La Dog Spa has posh upscale products to keep canines relaxed, pampered and looking refined.

DEVOTION Fragrance

NamVA DE 50106-72.jpged for the DEVOTION between people and their pets and the loyalty of our pets to us, DEVOTION designer fragrance keeps pampered pups smelling clean and fresh for the holidays. A blend of raspberry and soft floral scents earns DEVOTION dogs an Ooh La La! reaction every time a human approaches.


Mini Facial Wipes

Just in time for winter travels, Viva Mini Facial Wipes tidy up dogs’ whiskersVA Facial Wps 90ct 59090.jpg and chins after eating. They’re perfect for cleaning the folds & wrinkles of breeds like Bulldogs, Pugs, and Sharpei, and are a daily “must” for tearing. These unique wipes are gentle on fur and made with fine, all natural ingredients — their pink color and fruity scent come from real raspberry.








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